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Everbright is a professional OEM/ODM  LED lighting and LED mirror manufacturer with VDE audited, uses advanced led technology to design lighted mirrors, manufactures high quality and reasonable price smart mirrors, Bluetooth speaker mirrors, smart screen mirrors, fog-free mirrors, TV mirrors, shaver socket mirrors, sensor mirrors and lighted mirror cabinets…

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About Us

As a professional LED strip manufacturers, we provide existing products and services, our excellent R&D team can provide OEM and ODM services to customers in Europe mainland, UK, and Asia. Our product range covers LED flexible and rigid strips, LED ceiling lights, LED panel lights, LED downlights with excellent led efficiency percentage, etc. And nowadays, we put more and more effort into tunable white luminaire for HCL ( Human Centric Lighting ) projects.

Human Centric Lighting

HCL(Human Centric Lighting) is one of the biggest trends in residential and commercial lighting. We are supplying tunable white luminaire(LED plafond, LED panel, LED downlight, etc.) and tunable white LED flexible strip, rigid strip, the module for your HCL project.

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Smart Lighted Mirror

Our top-rated smart led mirror is scooped and timeless black ring design, featuring white LED illuminated, not only enhances fashion and stability sense, but achieve overall beauty and viewing to space. Besides elegant appearance, the series functions also multiple, Bluetooth speaker, motion sensor, demister versions, which are perfect to any bathrooms, also functions that 10%-100% dimming under detecting people and working with Bluetooth audio systems.

2021 LED

With the LED technology developing, we have a new type of LED 2021 LED!

This is a great upgrade compared with 2216 LED, now we have supplied different kinds of LED strips and silicone strips with 2021 LED.

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