4MM PCB Width Flexible LED Strip

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4MM PCB Width Flexible LED Strip

The 4mm width flexible pcb led strip is an ultra thin led strip light, adopt super slim FPC and small size LEDs, only 4mm width led strip pcb board and such as 3014, 2835, 3528, 2216 2021 type leds etc, high lumen output, high brightness and good lighting colors ; Ultra thin strip of 4mm ideal for lighting furniture such as backlight and indirect lighting, among its possible facilities are showcases, shelves, signage, hotels and theaters, kitchen, gardens, corridors, stairs, elevators, etc. Help you create narrow linear lighting fixtures and ultra thin led panel lamps, long narrow lighting and lighting for long narrow room.

PCB Size4mm
Lumen Efficiency120Im/W
CRI >90
Voltage DC 24V
LED TypeSMD 3014LEDs
Cutting unit62.5mm
LED Quantity112LEDs/M
Line Drawing


  • Super thin pcb for led strip, no need much room, slim designs for narrow places lighting.
  • 7pcs leds/section as a led module vs led strip, and has cuttable line on the 4mm led strip flex pcb, allow you to
    cut bespoke length.
  • Use led strip flexible pcb design,flexible application: Slim and compact flexible PCB, suitable for patterns that
    can be bent or angled.
  • High lumen output and high brightness 4mm led pcb strip, under the same brightness, less power consumption.
  • Flexibility to cut, extend and bend, widely apply to indoor lighting design.
  • With ERP2.0 and CE certificated and 5 year warranty, pcb led strip quality is guaranteed.

Optical Parameters

LED TypeLED QTY(PCS/M)CCTVoltageWattageLumen(LM/M)CRICutting Unit
600007.01SMD 30141123000KDC 24V7.2W/M720LM>9062.5mm
600007.02SMD 30141124000KDC 24V7.2W/M750LM>9062.5mm
600007.03SMD 30141126000KDC 24V7.2W/M820LM>9062.5mm
600007.04SMD 301411213000KDC 24V7.2W/M850LM>9062.5mm

Product Information

What is 4mm led strip light?

The 4mm led strip explained LED strip light adopt a 4mm led strip pcb design or its external dimension is 4mm. Our 4mm led strip lights use 4mm pcb.


What is the PCB board for the 4mm led strip?

When talking led pcb(circuit board and printed circuit),most of us always mean flexible led PCB  and rigid led strip with aluminum
PCB. Our this 4mm led flex strip is also designed by flexible PCB.


How does Everbright design the 4mm led flexible light strip?

Use the high quality 4mm width led flexible pcb board, the china led strip pcb manufacturer also OEM pcb for Osram.

The led is Samsung,Epistar, Bridgelux, Philips and Osram brands ; and the resistors or IC diodes is ROHM,KOA,PSA,YAGEO and VISHAY brands etc.

For the 4mm led flex strip, circuit design is very precise, less heat production, good heat dissipation, longer life span.  


FAQs of the 4mm flexible led strip light:

1.How many LED strips can you connect?

The 4mm led flexible strip can run 10M Max length with one end power supply, so if the length less
than 10M,you can connect as many pcs led strips as you want.

 2.Can you use a double-sided tape on LED lights?

Yes, you can use double-sided tape on LED lights, but remember to clear up the surface before sticking the tape.

 3.How to fix my LED strip?

There has 3M tape on back of the 4mm led strip, firstly you should tear off the adhesive tape paper,then stick the strip light to the place where you want; finally connect the power supply.

 4.Is an LED power supply safe? and what power supply should I use for a 1m LED strip?

The 4mm led strip is DC12V or DC24V,low voltage input, very safe; To ensure the led strip and driver can work smoothly, you also need to check the power of driver and led strips.(1m 4mm led flexible strip is 7.2W/M,so the power of driver should be more than 8W).

 5.Why will my LED light strip not work after cutting it?

The 4mm LED light strip is 7pcs led as a module, and the Min cuttable length is 62.5mm,so you have to cut the led light strip follow the marked cuttable line, otherwise you will break the circuit out, and it can not work.

 6.Can you offer led strip black pcb for the 4mm led flex strip?

Our this ultra thin led flex strip have three colors pcb boards: white, black and bronze.


What factors will affect the quality of the 4mm led flex strip?

The raw materials of flexible PCB board and electronic parts and components, a good led strip light must use good quality raw materials;

High accuracy and advanced production equipments for the pcb led strip;

Scientific and accurate circuit design for the light led strip;

The strict and advanced production technology for strip light;

The standard storage and management;


 What does the 4mm led strip you can supply?

(1)SMD and COB led strip light:

4mm SMD led strip:

2021 led flex strip

2216 led light strip

2835 led flexible strip

3014 led light strip

3528 led strip light

4mm LED COB flex strip

4mm white/red/green/blue led cob strip

(2) Indoor and outdoor 4mm led strip:

Indoor led strip:
IP20 4mm led strip,IP44 4mm led strip light

Outdoor led strip:
4x7mm neon led strip


  • 4mm led pcb strip can be backlight and indirect  lighting for showcases, shelves, cabinet and furniture lighting.
  • Slim design for narrow places lighting,create narrow lighting for corridors, stairs, elevators and wall lighting.
  • Commercial lighting for shopping center, hotels and theaters, kitchen, gardens.
  • 4mm led strip is a good light source for signage, narrow linear lighting fixtures, ultra thin neon strip, ultra thin led panel lamps , ultra slim led down light, led mirrors and other led luminaires.
  • 4mm led flexible strip is extra brightness led strip light, high CRI and SDCM<3,good color lighting solution for mood lighting.


3M double-sided tape, Molex connectors, DC connectors, bridge connection cable,6A distribution block, 10A distribution block, fixed kits, extra thin drivers.


  • Please turn off the power supply before.
  • Connect the cables of the led strips with the power supply.
  • Tear off the back adhesive from the connection point in turn and stick it to the installation position.(Please pay attention do not tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the strip light at one time.)
  • When finished sticking, turn on the power supply.