Euroshop 2023 Exhibition Successfully Ends

As the largest and most influential retail exhibition in the world, EuroShop 2023 has attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. We are very happy to be an exhibitor and participate in it to communicate with the people who come here.

Although the exhibition only lasted for 5 days, looking back at the scene, it still seemed to be bustling with people, and the flow of visitors was endless. The wonderful moments of communication and negotiation at this exhibition are vividly remembered and worth pondering.

At this exhibition, Everbright mainly showcases led flexible strip light and rigid bar with various functions and exterior design, as well as intelligent mirror lights. Our team has always been enthusiastic about patiently explaining products to every customer, answering their questions in detail, listening to their demands, and actively providing suitable solutions for each customer.

The exhibition has come to a successful conclusion, and we have also gained a lot. We have had friendly exchanges and communication with other exhibitors and visitors, and have also reached cooperation intentions with some of the exhibition’s customers.

Thank you to all new and old friends for coming and guiding us, as well as to every customer for their trust and support. Looking forward to meeting you again!

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