New LED 2021 for Strip Light

New LED 2021 for 4mm*7mm neon strip!

What is 2021 LED?
2021 LED is a new type of LED, we can consider it is an upgrade version of 2216 LED. For 2021 LED,SDCM<3,one-bin only, the structure is stronger, so for use in LED flexible strip light, it is an extremely good application. That’s the reason why we use in 4mm*7mm flexible neon strip.

2021 LED, 2216 LED, 2835 LED showing in the below picture showing size difference.

We are going to use 2021 LED for our 4mm *7mm silicone neon strip.

One year ago our company released a 4mm* 7mm silicone strip, inside is build in with 2216 LEDs. And during the production, we face some problems. As inside the flexible PCB is only 5mm width and the 2216 LED structure not so strong, during the 4mm*7mm extrusion out. The failure rate a bit higher. To supply the orders to customers in time. For each order, we need to prepare much more materials, and for the fail strip need to do much rework …

Now we have 2021 new type LED, our partner for a package this LED also called ” 2216 pro “. It is very strong in structure and very similar in size. We now have 3000 meters 4mm*7mm silicone strip go on mass production with 2021 LED … and go on supply more strips with this new led …

A lot of new LED strips with 2021 (size ) LED going to supply …

We are also starting to consider the customer’s certain application, use the 2021 LED, develop new LED strip or luminaires.

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