ISH 2023 | Everbright’s Frankfurt Tour

From March 13th to 17th, 2023, ISH was held in Frankfurt am Main. The Everbright, as a professional architectural lighting manufacturer, exhibited at ISH for the first time. We are delighted and excited to showcase our concepts and products to all exhibitors and visitors, and have had close exchange.

At this ISH exhibition, we used a simple exhibition hall design to mainly showcase various functional illuminated mirror to the visitors.

Circular, rectangular, and irregular shapes, combined with PMMA and aluminum materials, then integrate functions such as CCT tunable, demister, and infrared sensing, making the illuminated mirror diverse and suitable for different indoor design concepts, providing more possibilities for the application of illuminated mirror.

Thank you very much to the new and old customers who have been here. Through the continuous exchange and collision of ideas with everyone, we and our products have been able to develop better.

Let’s look forward to Everbright presenting more high-quality products to everyone!

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