UGR<19 Panel Light for Office Application

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SMD 2021LEDs 300PCS/M 10mm Width Flexible Strip

UGR<19 Panel Light for Office Application

Our LED panel light is a side-emitting light, which mainly uses light guide plates and other materials to export light through optical design, is a high-end luminaire usually used as indoor lighting.

Size 595*595*11mm
Lumen Efficiency 120Im/W
Power 28W/pcs
CRI >80
Voltage AC220V-240V
LED Type SMD 2835LEDs
UGR ﹤19
Line Drawing


  • Anti-glare, UGR<19, SDCM<3.
  • The light is very uniform and the lamp body is thin.
  • Beautiful and simple appearance design.
  • Not only for lighting purposes, but also artistic expression.
  • There are various installation methods, which can reccess mounting, suspended mounting and surface mounting.
  • Dali function optional.

Optical Parameters

Part No.CCTWattageLumen OutputLED TypeInput VoltageCRISizeSDCMVersion
130001.013000K28W3400LmSMD 2835LEDAC220V-240V>80595*595*11mm<3Standrad
130001.024000K28W3500LmSMD 2835LEDAC220V-240V>80595*595*11mm<3Standrad
130001.033000K28W3400LmSMD 2835LEDAC220V-240V>80595*595*11mm<3Dali
130001.044000K28W3500LmSMD 2835LEDAC220V-240V>80595*595*11mm<3Dali

Product Information

Coming Soon!


  • Home kitchen, bathroom
  • Meeting room, office space
  • Schools, hospitals, shopping malls


Coming Soon!


  • Please have a professional electrician install this product.
  • Please check the integrity of the product when taking it out of the box.
  • Before installation, please turn off the power.
  • During the installation process, please avoids the connection cable of the luminaire’s excessive tension or knotting. The output connection cable should be distinguished, not to be confused with other luminaires.
  • Before turning on the power, please check to make sure the installation is correct.