Seamless LED COB Dotless Strip Light

As people are seeking higher quality lighting,the seamless led cob strip without spot has attracted many people’s eyes and been becoming  more and more popular from 2019,currently the seamless led cob strip is a mainstream to replace ordinary SMD led flexible strip light…If you want to create a perfect linear lighting,don’t miss this elegant seamless led cob strip light.

What is COB led strip light?

The seamless COB led flex strip is a new design led strip light,someone also called FOB led strip light.

Different from SMD led strip,COB is the abbreviation for Chip on Board, which basically means to package the LED die directly on the circuit board (PCB). The ‘Chip on Board’ LED used on flexible strip lights is also sometimes called a flip-chip. So the COB led strip is a new led strip, chips encapsulated on a flexible board directly.

The seamless led cob strip is high density,high CRI,high lumen,high brightness,seamless,no led spot visible, uniform lighting distribution,perfect lighting for kitchen,bedroom,cabinet and furniture,shopfitting and interior design, and also perfect lighting source for dotless neon strip,seamless led linear light, led aluminum profile using.

Seamless COB led strip light Product detail:

The seamless COB led strip light is flexible to bend, cut and extend. It can use like the normally flexible led strip light. The lighting angle is 180°; can be used to any surface lighting solution,needs dotless version lighting.

We all know if the LED density is not enough, the traditional LED strip light used to the led aluminum profile will see led dots one by one.But the led aluminum profile used seamless cob led dotless strip light doesn’t have that problem. It is led dots free and make a perfect led dotless linear lighting.

Why does the seamless COB LED strip become the popular and fashion lighting solutions.

  1. Good lighting solution for linear light. It perfectly achieves the Dot-Free lighting effect even if without any profile or PC cover.
  2. Continuous and uniform linear illumination, with soft and elegant light, no glare.
  3. Adopt Flip-Chip technology, no dead light risk.
  4. Single point’s current is small, which provides good heat dispersion, long life span and low luminous decay.
  5. More flexible and bendable than the traditional led strip, it has a bending radius of only 5mm, so it can be any shape you want.
  6. Suitable for KKB and furniture lighting, or any corner application.
  7. It’s your new best choice for the strip lighting market.

What’s different seriers of COB led strips you can get from Everbright?

Everbight is a professional OEM/ODM led flexible strip lights manufacturer more than 10 years,can OEM and supply the fullest COB LED strip seriers for you.


DC 12V cob led strip

DC 24V cob led strip

 DC 48V cob led strip

AC 230V high voltage cob led strip

2.Color Temperature: 

warm white(WW) COB led strip,

neutral white(NW) COB led strip,

cool white(CW) COB led strip;

tunable COB led strip

dimmable cob led strip

red COB led strip

green COB led strip,

blue COB led strip

RGB COB led strip

RGBW COB led strip


4mm COB led strip-ultra slim cob led strip

5mm COB led strip-slim cob led strip

6mm COB led strip

8mm COB led strip

10mm COB led strip

12mm COB led strip

4.IP Rated-Indoor/Outdoor cob led strips:

IP20 COB led strip

IP65 COB led strip

IP67 COB led strip


Tunable white COB LED strip:

Seamless RGB COB LED Strip:

Waterproof  outdoor neon COB LED strip:

We have IP20 not waterproof seamless cob led strip light; IP65 and IP67 waterproof cob led neon strip light. That offers the lighting designer a more lighting designs option,who needs the led neon strip whitout led dots.

The Milky white seamless led cob neon strip is IP67,seamless,no led spot,a perfect linear lighting to indoor or outdoor application.

The trasparent seamless led cob neon strip is high density,uniform lighting distribution,high lumen and high brightness,your high quality led neon lighting.

Black silicone extrusion neon COB LED strip:

The best COB led strip lights suppliers:


Shenzhen Everbright


How to install the COB led strip light? (step by step)

1.Clean the surface where you want to install the COB led strip light.

2.Cut the size of the COB led strip light you want to install.

3.Tear the 3M backside of the COB led strip light.

4.Paste the COB strip light where you want to install it.

5.Connect the power supply with COB led strip light.

6.If you need to connect the COB led strip light, you can solder or use the connector.

Fast connectors ,bridge connectors,corner connectors.

Where you can use COB led strip light?

Architectural COB led strip light

Furniture & cabinet COB led strip light

kitchen & bedroom & bathroom COB led strip light

Holtel renovation COB led strip light

Club & KTV bar COB led strip light

retail store,shopfitting COB led strip light

shopping mall, commercial llighting COB led strip light


Why  seamless led cob strip light can help you?

  • A high CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of CRI90 as standard, hihg lumen and high brightness, LED dotless, better uniform lighting effect to replace ordinary SMD led strip.
  • With the flexibility to bend, cut, and extend , enjoy Hassle-free, safe and easy Installation,make simple lighting solution,save your installation time and mounting cost.
  • More than 120lm/w,meet New ERP certification,less energy consumption
  • All the light spread and was completely smooth, luminous very even,no glare, high performance lighting to protect your eyes
  • Good quality, with a long lifespan, less cost to maintain
  • Dimming and flexible to change colors to meet your wide range projects

The Standard COB LED Strip light:

The standard length is 5M/roll, and custom length;

Packing customized

Flexible and bending test of the seamless COB LED strip light:

We’re in the LED lighting industrial more than 10 years and OEM many led light for some big famous lighting companies, keeping and offering high quality LED products is what we are always doing,we also have very confidence in offering high quality COB LED strips.

Currently, the COB LED strip is more and more popular at Europe, North America, Japan, Korea, and Singapore lighting markets…we’re offering high performance cob led strip to (KKB Lighting, Retail Lighting, Shopfitting, Residential & Commercial) project contractors; lighting wholesaler,distributor and retailer.

If you have any inquiries about seamless COB led strips, welcome to ask us for technical details,price and samples.

Your reliable supplier:Shenzhen Everbright.
Edited by:Charles Wu
Guided by:Wilson Zhou


  1. Hi, please send me details and price list. I’m especially looking for good connectors for wiring the smaller 4mm and 5mm strips. Thanks.

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