Things you want to know about 48V LED strip

Why do we develop extra-long 48v led strip lights?

What is the constant current 48V led strip?

What’s the current situation in the 48V-led strip lighting market?

Datasheet of  Everbrite 48vdc led light strip :

Look at me- high-performance 48V led strip :

How to Cut, Connect, install and Power 48V LED Strip Lights?

What do you benefit from a 48V led strip?

Where can you use this 48V led strip?

FAQ of Everbrite 48V led strip lights:

Why do we develop extra-long 48v led strip lights?

When we worked with a subsidiary of Signify, they asked whether we can offer the 48V led strip to help them develop 48 volt led lights…then their engineers and our engineers worked together to develop it.

With the LED technology development and we seek higher-quality lighting and innovative lighting, now these 48V SMD led strip lights are highly recommended by lighting engineers and lighting designers

Lighting engineers use this 48v led light strip to create high end LED fixtures;

Lighting designers use the extra-long 48v led strip lights to create innovative shape lamps and ultra-long led strip lighting without voltage drop.

 More and more companies like Tridonic/XAL/Signify promote their 48V lighting system and 48-volt lights

What is the constant current 48V led strip?

The 48V led strip light is a led strip built-in constant current IC module (diodes), so someone also makes 48V led strip explained to a constant current led strip. Working with constant current under the input voltage fluctuates within a certain range, solved the constant voltage led strip’s voltage drop problem and can run 50M max length.

What’s the current situation in 48V led strip lighting market?


 In China, there are not many manufacturers of the constant current 48V led strips, and they’re concentrated in Shenzhen areas.

Market requirement:

Compared with the best DC12V and DC24V led strip lights, actually, there are not many demands for the 48V led strip in the past, and nearly only industry uses this, such as Laser, printer, SMT machines, etc, but now the 48 volts led strip lights to win more honor from led lighting engineers and designers as a commercial led light strip.

From Google’s search volume of the 48V led strip lights, it shows up more frequently from  2020, and keeps increasing trend:


Datasheet of  Everbright 48vdc led light strip :

LED strip lights 50 meters

Extra-long 48 volts led strip lights

48v led light strip

2000lm/m led light strip

Line drawing  of 48v led lights strip:

Light Source Test Report of  2700k 48V led strip lights

Look at me- high-performance 48V led strip :

Run me 50M length max

The 48V led strip has a custom length to choose from, 1m,2m,5m…20m,30m,40m, and run 50M length max, which can meet all your demands of different length led lighting applications.

One end power supply, no voltage drop, the same brightness from head to an end:

The 48V led strip works under a certain current, with no voltage drop problem, with the same brightness from strip head to end driven by only one power supply.

Tc temperature monitor point design:

As for a high performance led strip lights, the Tc test point is necessary, our constant current 48V led strip also adopts this Tc temperature monitor point design

IC design:

A stable circuit is very important to guarantee good quality of led strip lights, adding IC design can steady current to protect the circuit

3oZ  PCB:

The thickness of a led flexible strip  PCB is often 2oz and 3oz selectively and the width is designed as 8mm,10mm, or 12mm. The thicker, the better heat dissipation, and the longer life span. The constant current 48V led strip used 3oz PCB.  

Bend me:

3oz flexible PCB board for the 48V led strip, the PCB board is stronger, can bend bigger angle and more times without fracture.

Cut me, extend me:

For the 48V led strip, there is a cutting line on the PCB board and the Min cutting length is 50mm or 100mm, you can cut any length, or solder two different length strips to extend it

Buy brightness, buy lumen/wattage:

The 48V led strip is one of the most efficient led strips, with high brightness and high lumen strip lights,100lm/w and 2000lm/m

High CRI, Ra>90 

Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how colors look under a light source when compared with sunlight. The index is measured from 0-100, with a perfect 100 indicating that colors under the light source appear the same as they would under natural sunlight.

The CRI of most led strips is less than 80 or above 80, and some are 90. But our 48v led strip can arrive Ra=93 

SDCM<3  LED strip light

Standard Deviation Color Matching (SDCM) is a statistical technique used to define how closely (or not) two colors match each other, and it can scale from 1 to 10. Different applications need different SDCM, but for interior and residential areas lighting, SDCM=3 and lower is desirable.

For our 48V led strip, the SDCM must be less than 3, even SDCM=3 cannot be accepted by us.

How to cut, connect, install and power 48V LED Strip Lights?

How to cut 48V led strip lights?

Find a cutting line on the dc 48v led strip light, then use a scissor to cut it following the line  

How to connect the 48V LED Strip Light by electric iron welding?

  1. Prepare the two 48V led strips you need to weld and align the welding points on the same line.

2. Heat the iron to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Stick a bit of solder on the iron

4. Put the tin wire on the solder joints, and put the soldering iron on for 1-2 seconds.

5. Solder tin on both ends of the strips

6. Align the two ends of the soldering points and put the iron on them for 1 second  to 2 seconds

7. After finishing welding, wait for it to cool.

How to install the 48V led strip?

  1. Cut off the power supply before connection.

2. Tear off the back adhesive from the connection point in turn and stick it to the installation position of profiles or your applications.

(Please pay attention do not tear off the adhesive tape on the back of the strip light at one time.)

3. Connect the cables of the 48V led strips with the power supply.

4. When finished sticking and cables connection, then turn on the power supply.

How to connect the 48V led strip with the power supply?

The commonly led strip VS Everbright 48V led strip:

Compared with DC12V and DC24V led strips, the 48V led strip driven by a power supply is enough, even 50m, also just need to connect the driver at one end

What do you benefit from a 48V led strip?

① Max length is 50m driven by single end power supply, can satisfy your choice of all lighting lengths, fewer drivers, less wiring, faster installation, and less installation cost.

②Compared to the constant voltage led strip, the 48V led strip is driven by a constant current, with no voltage drop problem, and the brightness of the strip is uniform from one end to another end.

③3oz PCB and with 3M heat dissipation backing tape, good heat dissipation function, less lighting degradation, longer lifetime.

④High lumen output ,high brightness, higher efficiency ,arrives 2000lm/m.

⑤ultra long-running, less cut, and less soldering.

⑥Adding Tc point design, the better monitor temperature change of LED chips

⑦IC design to protect the circuit, more safe and stable working

⑧High CRI and lower SDCM(Ra>90, SDCM<3), better  lighting colors

Where can you use this 48V led strip?

  1. Create your high-end led fixtures and creative lighting, for example, ultra-long commercial led strip, long 48v light bar, abnormal shape led lamps, 48v led light hoop, led lightbox, led wall panel lights, and long led neon strip lights.

2. The industry uses, such as Laser, printers, SMT machines, etc

3. Apply to high-grade interior decorative lighting.

4. Decorative led light strips commercial lighting for the corridor of KTV, bar.

5. Decorative lighting for buildings which has an irregular outline, park, bridge, market, amusement park, etc.

6. Decorative commercial led light strip for the party, commercial performance, ballroom, stage, etc.

7. Apply to light up and beautify the advertising wall, signboard, and other areas.

FAQ of Everbright 48V led strip lights:

  1. What LED extrusion profiles can I fit this into?

These  48V led strips are 8mm and 10mm, you can fit them into all LED profiles with an inside width of 8mm and above.

2. Can this 48V led light strip be dimming?

With a dimmable driver, we can make this 48v led strip brightness from  0% to 100%.

3. Can I cut 48 volts of all led strip light?

There is a black cut line and scissors mark on the PCB surface, the dc 48v led strip lights are free to cut any length you want, such as 48-foot led strip lights; If you need, we also can help you cut the bespoke length.

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